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All new version 3.0 plans! These downloadable PDF plans include the materials list and detailed dimensions for the Pacade Bartop Arcade Cabinet. Included is a set of drilling templates for the control panel and speaker holes. Also included is the electronics parts lists along with links to buy them from Amazon or other sellers.

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This is the awesome Pacade Bartop Arcade Plans from The Geek Pub! This cabinet is very similar in size and shape to the original Bartop Arcade Cabinet plans, but with some of the most requested modifications. The mini bartop arcade cabinet plans change the game and looks pretty darn sweet! A top feature change was removal of the lighted marquee. Space is often limited in people’s homes and the due to this change the Pacade is quite a bit shorter than other Bartop Arcades, allowing it to fit in much smaller spaces. This also means the Pacade doesn’t need an LED light or a marquee printed, reducing the complexity of the overall build.

Get ready to have such an awesome time replaying all of your favorite arcade games from the past and reminiscing old times with friends! Having your own Bartop arcade in your game room, bar, or dorm room will make everyone think you are awesome! So let’s do this!


With these plans you will have all of the dimensions for each of the parts you’ll need to cut from MDF or plywood, depending on which materials you decide to use. Detailed drilling templates that include a paper template for all of the hole locations positions for the joysticks and buttons, as well as the speaker holes.  Just use some spray adhesive or masking tape to hold it in place while you drill them out.

There’s also a parts list for the electrical components you’ll need to power your PC or Raspberry Pi.

New version 3.0. of the plans include clarifications, more details, and breakouts.

Includes the following spray and stick templates:

  • Single Player Control Panel
  • Two Player Control Panel
  • Left and Right Speakers Grills
  • Optional front USB Ports
  • Optional Cooling Fan Grill

You can get all of the details on installing RetroPie on your  Raspberry Pi from the RetroPie website.

In addition to the PDF cut sheets, you will receive the complete SketchUp file that can be used to make modifications the plans, get exact dimensions and details on any component of the bartop arcade cabinet plans, or to check specific angles for mitering corners, etc.

These bartop arcade plans and all of our other plans are free to members of the Arcade Builder’s Guild.


1 review for Mini Arcade Cabinet Plans

  1. Victor Renfro

    This is the perfect arcade size for my home office! Plans are straightforward and easy to make.

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