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All new version 3.0 plans! These downloadable PDF plans include the materials list and detailed dimensions for the Arcade Cabinet. Included is a set of drilling templates for the control panel and speaker holes. Also included is the electronics parts lists along with links to buy them from Amazon or other sellers.

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These are the world famous bartop arcade plans from The Geek Pub! These plans provide all of the dimensions, cut sheets, parts lists, and other items needed to make building this wonderful bartop arcade as simple as possible.

You’ll have the time of your life reliving your youth playing all of your favorite 8-bit arcade games from the 70’s and 80’s along with lot of 16/32 bit games from the last two decades! Having a bartop arcade cabinet in your home or office is a fantastic conversation piece and of course loads of arcade entertainment fun!


These famous plans have all of the dimensions needed to make the arcade. The most common materials used are 3/4″ plywood or MDF (19mm in metric). Included are drilling templates for the speakers, control panel buttons & joystick, optional USB ports, and optional USB cooling fan.  These templates can be attached with spray adhesive (best results) or masking/packing tape. These templates will make building your arcade much simpler, and will result in a factor finished look. Guild members can watch our drilling template guide here: Using our Arcade Templates

Also included are a parts list for the electrical components you’ll need to power your Raspberry Pi/PC, and the lighted marquee.

New version 3.0. of the plans include clarifications, more details, and breakouts.

Includes the following spray and stick templates:

  • Single Player Control Panel
  • Two Player Control Panel
  • Left and Right Speakers Grills
  • Optional front USB Ports
  • Optional Cooling Fan Grill

You can get all of the details on installing RetroPie on your  Raspberry Pi from the RetroPie website or by watching this Arcade Builder’s Guild Retropie Install Video.

In addition to the PDF cut sheets, you will receive the complete SketchUp file that can be used to make modifications the plans, get exact dimensions and details on any component of the bartop arcade cabinet plans, or to check specific angles for mitering corners, etc.

These bartop arcade plans and all of our other plans are free to members of the Arcade Builder’s Guild.

Customer Build Examples

Checkout some awesome bartop arcade cabinet build from our customers! With a little creativity the possibilities are endless. There are so many clever ways to theme your cabinet.

4 reviews for Bartop Arcade Plans

  1. Craig Smythe

    Built the arcade over the weekend. Everything went together just as promised. We decided to paint ours orange and do a Duke Nukem 3D theme! So much fun!

  2. S. Peenwheedle

    It took us a couple of weekends and a little bit of learning with the jigsaw (I’m not much of a carpenter) but were done! This thing is so much win!

  3. Jason Devulle

    Thanks Mike! These arcade plans were such a fun project for me and my son Luke. We’ve been playing Pac-Man for days now!

  4. Andy Kirkwood

    Best arcade plans on the internet, bar none! Thanks for this!

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