Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of the site.  This is where we try to answer some of the more commonly asked questions by our readers and customers.

Construction FAQ

Q: What is the radius of the arc on your arcade?

A: That’s not how it works. There are no setting marks or other way to configure your compass.  Although the process is demonstrated in the Bartop Arcade video, we suggest watching this video on YouTube for some compass 101 basics:

Q: What is the angle of a section of the arcade?

A: We try to include most of them just for clarity sake, but you really should never need them. Calculating angles isn’t the right way to measure something out before you cut it. You’re just looking to make a mistake. See the Tablet Arcade video from Mike at The Geek Pub to learn how to do it the right way. It will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Q: Which router bit should I buy for the t-molding?

A: That depends on who’s t-molding you buy. Check the manufacturer’s website for the recommended bit size and slot depth.

Q: What if I want to use a larger or smaller monitor?

A: No problem. The original Sketchup file is included with every set of plans. Just open them in sketchup and change the dimensions to your liking.  In many cases it might just be as simple as reducing all of the horizontal sections an inch shorter or longer.

Q: Will you make me a custom version of the plans to fit my specifications?

A: Simple answer: No.  Long answer: It takes a lot of time and labor to design these cabinets, create the plans, etc. We make our money by selling them in quantity. If we made only one plan especially for you, it would cost you far more than you’d be willing to pay us.

Q: Can I use a Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, or some other game console instead of a Raspberry Pi?

A: Most definitely.  This is a very common practice.  You can even put multiples and use an HDMI switcher.

Q: Will you email me the PDF, PSD, JPG, etc file of the artwork you used on a certain arcade?

A: No. We don’t own the distribution rights to any of the artwork.  We recommend contacting GameOnGraphix. They have a large storefront of arcade artwork which you can purchase at reasonable prices.

Q: Why are my templates printing out smaller than they should?

A: You must use Adobe Reader to print our templates.  Don’t use Chrome or other 3rd party PDF readers. When printing the template, select poster mode.

Configuration and Setup FAQ

Q: Where do I get the game ROMs?

A: This is a legal grey area. There are no definitive court rulings on what is legal and what is not with a few exceptions. It is most definitely not legal to download or distribute a game you don’t own the copyright to. It is possible however, if you own the actual game cartridge, that you have the rights to use that code on an emulator you also own. This has not been tested in court though.  Our personal choice has been to make sure that we own legal copies of every game on our personal arcades before copying that ROM onto the unit.  We don’t sell ROMs, or distribute them and we can’t tell you where to get them.  There are some websites that claim to be selling legal copies of the ROMs.  A google search can help you find them.

Purchasing and Billing

Q: Where do I download the plans?

A: Once you finish checkout you will get an email with a link to download them. If you purchased a Guild Membership, you’re entitled to all of our plans for free. Simply go back the product page and add it to your cart. At checkout it will show a price of free and you will not be asked for payment information. You’ll then get the same email with a download link. As a bonus you also get lifetime updates to the plans.

Q: How do I cancel my Guild Membership?

A: We hate to hear this. Go to your my account page from the main menu and click cancel. Please let us know why you are cancelling so we can get better!

General FAQ

Q: I sent an email with a list of questions. Why won’t you guys answer me?

A: There are a few reasons this might be the case. We get thousands of questions emailed to us every week. Most of those are asked by non-paying customers. We just can’t answer those questions (although we will sometimes try to help). We have to help our members and customers first and foremost.  Most every question we get emailed is already covered somewhere on the site or in one of our videos. We recommend using the search option.

The next most common reason is that you are asking questions about something we don’t support. We can’t be the support desk for the Raspberry Pi board you bought or for RetroPie.  They have their own websites and support options.  We suggest contacting them for specific help with their products.

Lastly, many times we’re asked to give answers to questions and help with items that are specifically covered in the guild area.