The small 24mm arcade buttons don’t easily fit on the controller board when using 3/4″ plywood or MDF.  These of course are the most common materials used for building arcade cabinets in today’s enthusiast world! So what gives? The buttons as shipped from Sanwa and other suppliers aren’t long enough to fit through the plywood or MDF, which means the plastic nut on the back doesn’t have enough threads to lock into place.

While this problem can be incredibly frustrating for beginners and even some moderately skilled builders, it is actually easy to solve and its not difficult to implement. Watch the video to see how simple it really is.

Watch the Button Fitting Preview Video

The best way to make sure your buttons will fit is to back-bore the holes. This is super simple task when you know the tricks!Read More… Join the Arcade Builder’s Guild!

Items Used in this Project

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