Installing arcade speakers comes in many varieties. Some prefer speaker grills on the outside, some prefer them on the inside. If you install your arcade speakers on the inside, you’ll need a way to get the sound to resonate outside of the cabinet. The easiest (and arguably most effective) way to accomplish this is to drill a set of speaker holes through the cabinet for sound to travel.

All of our plans come with speaker drilling guides and stick on templates. These drilling guides take the work out of measuring and lining up all of the speaker holes and make the finished product look like it was produced in a factory! To get the best results you’ll need a drill and a small punch to start your holes with.

Installing arcade speakers is a simple task that is easy to do and easy to get great results.

Installing Arcade Speakers Preview Video


The drilling template has crosshairs for starting each hole with a punch.  To get the best finished result, you’ll want to carefully punch each hole gently before drilling. This will make sure the drill bit does not wander.Read More… Join the Arcade Builder’s Guild!


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