One of the most requested features for our arcade plans has been to add an arcade cabinet fan for cooling. With most things there is always debate on whether cooling is needed at all. Most lean towards passive cooling when building a Raspberry Pi arcade (though a fan will most definitely not hurt), when building a PC based arcade a fan is probably a good idea.

Like most PC/computer/electronic devices, fans come in all shapes and sizes. The good news is that there’s just a couple of things to know to make selecting one easy.  The size you need to fit your space, the CFM of the fan (how much air it moves), and the decibel rating (how noisy it is).  In general, we recommend buying smaller fans, with higher CFM, and lower dB levels.

Adding an arcade cabinet fan to your arcade build is super easy and all of our plans now include a drilling template and install guide for a fan.

Watch the Arcade Fan Preview Video


This simplest fan you can install in a Raspberry Pi arcade is a USB fan. Just plug it into any USB charger port on your arcade. Do not plug the USB fan into one of the Raspberry Pi’s USB ports. Read More… Join the Arcade Builder’s Guild!

Parts List for the Fan:


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