You’ve heard me say it time and time again. “I am a t-molding guy!” Installing t-molding on arcade cabinets is just so iconic and the look is like none other. Something about T-molding just screams 1980’s! While it is certainly possible to build an arcade without t-molding, would you really want to?

Installing t-molding is sometimes thought of as a difficult task. Especially for rookies and first time arcade builders. This is because installing t-molding generally requires the use of a router which scares some people.  The good news is, using a router isn’t dangerous with just a little knowledge, and installing t-molding is a very simple task with some basic understanding of the process.

We recommend using a small rubber mallet for gently tapping the t-molding into the slot.  Some professional builders refer those rubber mallets as t-molding persuaders.  That’s pretty funny! Of course, you don’t need a t-molding persuader to install it, the palm of your had will work just fine to gently force it into place. Though your hand may be sore the next day!

Follow along with our t-molding tips and tricks video and your arcade t-molding install will be simple and easy and look like it was installed by a professional.

Installing T-Molding Tips Preview Video


Installing t-molding is not as easy it seems on the surface. T-molding can be troublesome to install and sometimes it can be a downright pain depending on the style and brand you choose. But once you get the hang of it installing t-molding can be simple and and dare I say even enjoyable if you follow the best practices and installation methods.

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